maybe someday

Image by Kimberley Blazon

what is that?
itsa a picture of a iceberg
where is it? can i see one?
maybe someday, they float in the ocean
we’ve been to the ocean, i touched!
you did touch, but these oceans are far away
it looks like cotton candy
its cold and dangerous, and it misses the land
its lonely, i want to hug and eat some
maybe someday


shiny gears tick-tocking

the clock ticked all day long
alone and unremarked
people leaned on it
people stuck gum to its side
people met there
right at 8pm
without argument if someone
was late

the clocks favorite was always
the quiet children
who would walk up
and watch at the glass
fascinated at the movement
the shiny gears tick-tocking
and the clocks favorite
kind of memory
was always a child’s handprint
tiny and precious

Image by +Becket Moorby on Google+

people say i’ma pessimist

Image by +Anna Ryndak on Google+

people look at that
and see the sky
the reflection
the ingenuity of a human created bridge
they see nature
and the seasons

i just see the muck
well i see the rest
i guess i feel the muck
i am drawn to the shadows
i see the badness in people
and this picture is full of muck
the water isn’t clear,
the sky isn’t blue
the leaves have littered themselves
across the surface of the water
the bridge is old
probably needs repaired

people say i’ma pessimist
a ‘no-person’
a ‘this is why that won’t work’ person
but i know i see the world
as it is, with the bad outweighing the good
and the muck outweighing the beauty

skyfull of happiness

Image by +Scott Krichau on Google+

my brothers and i fly high today
sunlight and wind be damned
people marvel at our beauty,
without knowing
we see, we watch, we learn

we were created without mouths
but if we did have them
we would tell you of your own beauty,
and marvel at your own compassion
we know evil exists
rarely we glimpse it
what we get to see are the happy faces
free of worry and regret
children point and laugh, but in a joyful way

my brothers and i fly high today
we chronicle the human state of happiness
in hopes that one day
we can reflect it back

we miss you dad

Image by +Margo Rita on Google+

the silver of the moonlight
dances in the silver of the leaves
and in her hair
once the richest brown in the land
now hung doubly silver in strands
her thin curls reflected the moonlight
into almost blue hues

she wanted to walk
like she used to walk
through the grove
arm in arm with you
and she wanted you back
no rational, no rules,
no explanation could reach her
when it came to her evening stroll

she would hold her arm
as if she wrapped it around yours
and she would chat away
as if you would answer her
and she would point things out to you
like she always used to
and she laughed, a full belly laugh
during every stroll

i follow at a distance
to make sure she comes back home
and doesn’t get lost in her dreamworld
it is the one time in each day
that caring for her makes me worry

she is a lucid and wonderful mother
until she puts her night clothes on
and something happens
she forgets she isn’t the young woman
she forgets she is the mother, and i the child
she is in new-love with you dad
it is both wonderful and tragic to witness

walk beside me

Image by +Dave Beckerman on Google+

i am so happy
to see my shadow again
she had been so frightened
she refused to show herself
but now, look!
there she is
solid and attached

even if she will only
show herself indoors
it is such a relief
to have her back

someday she will be brave
and appear outdoors too
but for now i am thrilled
she is playing once again