we miss you dad

Image by +Margo Rita on Google+

the silver of the moonlight
dances in the silver of the leaves
and in her hair
once the richest brown in the land
now hung doubly silver in strands
her thin curls reflected the moonlight
into almost blue hues

she wanted to walk
like she used to walk
through the grove
arm in arm with you
and she wanted you back
no rational, no rules,
no explanation could reach her
when it came to her evening stroll

she would hold her arm
as if she wrapped it around yours
and she would chat away
as if you would answer her
and she would point things out to you
like she always used to
and she laughed, a full belly laugh
during every stroll

i follow at a distance
to make sure she comes back home
and doesn’t get lost in her dreamworld
it is the one time in each day
that caring for her makes me worry

she is a lucid and wonderful mother
until she puts her night clothes on
and something happens
she forgets she isn’t the young woman
she forgets she is the mother, and i the child
she is in new-love with you dad
it is both wonderful and tragic to witness


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