she made us submit

she brought sorrow in her heart
and she brought the predators with her
but she also brought life, vibrant energy
and she brought passion
we had forgotten

through teaching her
we relearned ourselves
the peace in balance
to security for our children
in both safety and risk

Grey reminded us
visit either extreme
but live in the middle
appreciate all life
respect the hunter
even if you are hunted

our collective soul was healed
our spirit returned
the moment she made us submit
to be her teacher


a blue castle

Image by +Eoghann Irving on Google+

once upon a time
there was a blue castle
among all the brown
houses and countryside
and the blue castle shone
for miles around

everyone dreamt of living
in the shiny blue castle
full of warm delicious food
and beautiful people
with fabulous furniture
and shiny clothes
everyone was clean
and the booze
were never rationed

the quiet princess
whom everyone loved
because she was so compassionate
no one asked her
what it was like
to live in the castle
because of course it was fabulous

she couldn’t have told them the truth
if they asked anyway
it would have ruined their dreams
to know how she felt each
empty belly, each cold foot
she felt each jealous glance
and each lustful stare
when she gazed out her window
she saw misery and darkness
and brown everywhere
the fake beauty around her
made the sea of brown
more drab, and more real

she knew if her
ambitious brothers
knew she wanted to
end the monarchy
she would lose her head
so she remained
a distant symbol
in the blue castle
as she watched her country
bleed dry

unwanted schools

no matter what he did
he could not break through
the surface of the water
he made himself huge
he made himself tiny
he removed his consciousness
and tried to fly through
without his body
but he was stuck

he knew he wasn’t supposed to
but that had never stopped
anyone in his family
he just didn’t know
how long they were going to wait
to come rescue him
from this awful planet

on top of it all
he really hated fishes
and they kept following him

love knows no gender

image by +Evelyn S. Lamprey on Google +

we used to sit and knit
chat for hours about nothing
all the best relationships have that
and we used to stand and smile together
this is just one of many photos
they cover the walls
and are littered across
every computer and device in the house

she used to make me smile
our love knew no bounds
as love never should
but we respected the word
and the feeling
we lived it

i miss her
as i’ve missed nothing else
and i can’t put into words
the vastness of what i’ve lost
by her not being by my side

my fluffy happy memories
have made a good pillow for her
as she drifts away from me
to heaven where she will be
welcomed as all good souls are
no matter what some
over-opinionated persons claim

i look back
the tears have begun to dry
and i am left with the happy,
the intense, the earth-shattering,
all the good we shared
i carry it with me

i regret nothing
because every moment we shared
we loved, we were kind
because we knew
some dark future day
all that would be left
were memories

parks on bright sunny days

Image by +Sarah Pohl on Google+

the sun shone down
his little pipe so high
his ragged clothes
and bare feet
made me think of my childhood
not a nice place to go

so i climbed up
whispered encouraging words
it’ll be okay
life gets better as an adult
someday you’ll be big enough
to decide how to live your life

and i slipped a flower
into his hand

i climbed down and glanced around
people smiled at me and
took pictures of the flower
but i always remembered
the words

take your damn picture

Image by Baki Karacay on Google+

she hated mushrooms
she hated reporters
she hated cameras
but this was her life

every once in a while
an arrogant big-city reporter
would show up at her ancestral home
with a camera man, or two
and they would wine and dine her
or try to pay cash
or outright bribe her
to take a picture or twenty
and write an article
about the famous mushrooms

they always expected
fancy stonework
or pleasant aromas
mushroom growing isn’t
exactly pleasant
it’s grown from manure
and manure stinks

they want me to stand
next to my crop
and explain why my mushrooms
are different

i love to smile
my mona lisa smile
and lie
“I don’t know,” i say.
“They just are.”

they wouldn’t believe me
if i told them
i have a magic goose
that lays golden manure
if i ever went mad
and showed them my goose
the goose would disappear
my fairy godmother told me

so i stand
next to my crop
trying to smile
through my hate